How to Ask for a Raise

A Modern Survival Guide Interlude

  1. How to know you need a raise
  2. How to ask for one
  • You have a permanent cost of living increase (for example, by having a child).
  • You need to pay medical expenses, or other large-dollar short-term expenses that would otherwise result in debt.
  • You have long-term debts that you cannot pay off at your current salary, such as student loans or a home mortgage.
  • Your salary has not increased in several years, and as such you are falling behind the inflation curve.¹
  1. How’s your visibility? Does your boss know what you do and who you are?
  2. Does your boss like you?
  3. Is your place of work prosperous? Is there obviously money available to pay you more?
  4. Who else is a rival for a raise? Is there someone higher on the local totem pole who might be in competition with you?
  5. How’s your quality of work? Are there accomplishments you can claim that make you obviously deserving of more money?
  6. How’s your timeliness? Are you arriving on time and leaving on time?
  7. How do #5 and #6 relate to other people in your office? Are you obviously better than your coworkers?
  1. Set up a meeting specifically on the topic of your getting a raise.
  2. De-stress beforehand.
  3. Prepare your argument. You don’t need a presentation (unless your boss likes that sort of thing) but you do need to have talking points.
  4. Be prepared to delay. You want to catch your boss in a good mood. If they’re not in a good mood, don’t have the meeting.
  5. Keep it short.



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