How to Claim Credit (In a Nice Way)

A Modern Survival Guide Interlude

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Tell People What You’ve Done

All the introverts, people from the South, and people from the Midwest just curled up in a corner. Look, I get it, a lot of us are raised in a culture of modesty. This is a holdover from the puritanical days, and for the most part it’s a good thing. It’s tiresome when people wander around bragging about how good they are. But that doesn’t mean you should be silent about how good you are.

  1. At a performance review
  2. When a similar thing needs doing

Claim Credit First

Claiming credit is a lot easier if you proactively claim credit, as opposed to waiting for someone to acknowledge you. This actually is an issue for patent law — the person who can demonstrate that they have a working prototype and is the first to file the claim is the person who gets the patent. Same thing happens when claiming credit.

Document Your Successes

There’s an old saying ascribed to the FBI: if it’s not on paper, it didn’t happen. This is entirely true when it comes to performance reviews and other incidents where you have to go in front of your boss and list the things you’ve done. It’s very much worth your while to keep a formal record of things you’ve done for which you can claim credit.

  • Who was the customer?
  • How does it help (the boss, the company, the customer, etc.)?

Claim the Credit You Are Due

To sum up, make sure people know what you’ve done, claim credit for the things you’ve done before other people steal it from you, and keep track of your accomplishments so that you can claim credit for them in the future. Avoid being pompous or condescending, make sure you recognize your friends, and make sure they get credit too.

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