Lot of assumptions going on there, but ok. I’ve had several friends who were in poly relationships for some portion of their lives. I was supportive and did not negatively judge them for this lifestyle choice; my personal philosophy is that we should all do the best we can to be happy and have fulfilling lives without causing undue harm, and frankly people’s bedroom antics only rarely are a cause for alarm. I’m not judging the people. I’m simply stating my personal experience that in each case I am aware of, the relationship fell apart for very obvious, very natural reasons. And on the flip side I’ve known several people and been acquainted with several more who liked to think they were poly but were in reality simply seeking an escape from their current relationship. They didn’t want a poly relationship, they wanted to fuck around and not feel guilty about it. This has left me with a jaundiced view of the whole concept. So maybe there are tons of long-term poly relationships going on around me of which I am completely unaware. It just seems odd that the only ones I know about, in the same circles of friends I’ve had for years, are the ones that failed. But hey, that’s just my opinion and experience, it’s not statistically relevant. If you’re in a successful and stable poly relationship, go you.

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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