Paying Attention to Boring Things

The Modern Survival Guide #57

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The Dull Things that Define Reality

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, have you ever actually read your iTunes legal agreement? Short version, it’s a hoot, and Apple reserves the right to remove any song you purchase from your library without telling you. Now… care to guess what else you’re giving up in other user agreements?

Repackaging Boredom with Glitter

Fortunately, we live in the information age. And part of the information age is that there are a large number of people who are extremely dedicated to making very complex issues accessible for the modern audience.

Crunching Through Boredom Because You Have To

Ultimately, it’s worth our while to realize that there are a certain number of things that we, as adult humans in a democratic, capitalist society, just have to understand. There’s no getting around it. There’s no really easy way out. The only path forward is to do some basic research¹ and maybe take a class or two, if you can find one available. And the list of subjects that really needs some degree of study seems to get longer every year.

  • Basic politics — how our political system works and why that’s important
  • Basic economics — how money works and how our economy functions
  • Basic geography — where we are and why that’s important
  • Basics of history — why things are the way they are
  • Basic grammar — how our language works and how to use it correctly
  • Basic legal knowledge — what you’re allowed to do in your state and country
  • Basics of contract law — what you can be compelled to do by a private entity
  • Basic medical knowledge — how bacteria and viruses work, how antibiotics and vaccines work, and how your body works, along with some first aid knowledge
  • Basics of agriculture — where food comes from, how it’s grown, etc.
  • Basic electronics — AKA, how to not burn down the house in an electrical fire
  • Basic home economics — how to cook, clean, and manage personal finances
  • Basic craftsmanship — how to use tools safely and effectively to make things

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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