Accepting the Limits of Personal Options

The Modern Survival Guide #16

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The Limits of Responsibility

You are not responsible for everything that happens in the country. Except you are. And you can’t save everyone. Except we could. And you can’t blame yourself when stuff goes wrong in the world. Except how else can we change things?

  • De-stress before doing big things. If you’re planning to do something beyond your survival responsibilities, make sure you’re focused enough to make it count.
  • Budget and prioritize your responsibilities. Fulfill your obligations in priority order. Write these priorities down if you have to.
  • Stay as flexible and relaxed as you can when dealing with non-obligatory responsibilities. Missing PTA is not the end of the world. Do not treat it as such.
  • Stay real. Recognize that your circumstances are not universal. Remember that with money and power come proportional responsibilities if you’d like to stay human.

The Limits of Opportunity

Remember those money and time variables that control your ability to be responsible for things beyond your own survival? Yeah, they have an even heavier impact on your personal opportunities.

  • De-stress. If you’re planning to do something fun, make sure you’re capable of having fun while you do it.
  • Do not be house-poor, car-poor, or any other type of -poor that requires you to sacrifice major portions of your life in order to present an image.
  • Do not max out your credit card to go on a world tour or buy that super-wide TV (unless you’re really sure you can pay it off).
  • Do not neglect important people in your life in favor of things in your life.
  • Remember that ads don’t care about your life or quality thereof. They only care about your money. Do not make the mistake of believing that a company has your personal wellness as their highest priority. They do not, ever. Not even that spa with the cucumber facial masks.

Final Points

Last but not least, there are a couple of important concepts to keep in mind. One is a thing called “opportunity cost.” This simply means that everything you do is a trade-off.

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