Identifying Moral Choices

The Modern Survival Guide #20

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The First Way

Ok, this one may not be crazy enough to warrant all-caps bold font, but here it is: know your Moral Code. Then, and only then, judge your actions by it. Then, when you’ve got the hang of that, incorporate it into your actions.

The Second Way

If the First Way relies on planning and mindfulness, the second way is pure intuition. Contrary to all expectation, we actually absorb a pretty decent moral education in modern society. TV morality is actually not all that bad. Good usually wins, the various traditional evils are commonly and repeatedly depicted as evil, and the various moral infractions are all represented. And that’s not even touching the average person’s religious experience and/or moral education from their parents. And on top of that, I suppose there’s the law (which is a very dodgy source of morality, unfortunately).


To bring this all back into context, making moral decisions is a crucial survival skill in the modern world. Being able to identify and then make correct moral choices is usually a key part of coexisting with any group — particularly in this day and age, when any hint of poor character can be blasted over the internet at the speed of light.

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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