Keeping Perspective

The Modern Survival Guide #38

  • Recognizing Small Things as Small Things
  • Boxing Problems
  • Seeking Balance

Recognizing the Small Things as Small Things

Truly, our lives are chaotic, hectic, and a few other things that inspire tics. So it becomes very important to mental health to remember the following true statements:

Boxing Problems

We have a tendency to view things as connected. This is part of the great strategy of the survival of the human species — we’ve evolved to recognize patterns and see connections between cause and effect. But we also developed a corresponding logical fallacy to see connections where there are none, and to mismatch causes and effects.

Seeking Balance

I have workaholic friends. I have slacker friends. I have stressed friends and I know people who are so mellow that I wonder how they work up the motivation to chew their food. And as much as I hate the whole “moderation in all things” shtick, there is an element of truth there — I think it is important to lead a balanced life.

A Positive Perspective

These points contribute to what I would call a “positive perspective.” This is a perspective built around knowledge of one’s place in the world, the events that are affecting it, the solutions to problems with it, and ways to stay in balance to avoid self-inflicted problems.



Searching for truth in a fractured world.

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