On the Importance of Bipartisanship

The Modern Survival Guide #39

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Are you an AmeriCAN or an AmeriCAN’T? That’s a pun, or play on words ;). I crack myself up.
  1. Do they espouse trigger policies?⁴ If so, to what degree? If they keep hammering something the other side hates to the exclusion of other issues, maybe don’t vote for them.
  2. Do they have “red line” issues that they are unwilling to compromise on at all? If they can’t even listen to a proposal on these subjects, maybe don’t vote for them.
  3. Do they have a voting record? If so, does it show any record of bipartisan votes? If it does, maybe they deserve your vote.
  4. Have they publicly stated willingness to work with the other party? If they’re serious, maybe they deserve your vote.
  5. Do they derive a significant portion of their campaign funds from special interests (i.e., single-interest organizations like the NRA)? If they do, maybe they don’t deserve your vote.
  6. Do they have significant political baggage? Do their opponents gain or lose points in their party for working with them? If they’re a poison pill for the other party, maybe you shouldn’t vote for them.

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