The Modern Survival Guide #40

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Why You Need Enemies

Life is not simple. People are not always wise. People are not always good. It is impossible to know everything. And some choices have seriously bad consequences. These are the assumptions that we will be working with for the duration of this article. Dispute them if you will, but they seem reasonably well-entrenched and self-evident to me.

What is an Enemy?

Now, with all this in mind, it’s important to realize that not everyone you disagree with will become an enemy — most of the time you’ll have an opponent instead. So what’s the difference?

What You Should Do with Enemies

Oppose them as much as possible.

… But Keep it Sane

You are going to have some enemies in life. If you don’t, well… that’s how you know you haven’t actually stood for anything. The enemies you make say as much about you as about them, and similarly your response to your enemies says as much about you as it does about them.

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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