The Modern Survival Guide #43

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The Lie of “Normal” — A Cultural Problem

There are two parts to the lie of “normal,” and to understand the first part I find it instructive to watch television. Not for the drama or the unattainable beauty of the actors (although those are, in their own way, similarly disruptive to the psyche), but rather for the character’s possessions and home situations. These are often wildly, even ridiculously, lavish compared to the stated lifestyles of the characters, and as background information on the show they are typically just accepted by the audience.

A Real Evaluation of Success

So then, what would a “real” evaluation of success look like? Well, let’s start with what success actually is.

  1. It must be situational.
  2. It must adapt and change over time.
  3. It must be realistic.
  4. It must take the individual in a positive direction.²

A “Successful” Person

With this definition in mind, a “successful” person or a “successful” life is all about repeated successful episodes of goal achievement. A person who repeatedly meets their goals, or the majority of their goals, or even maybe just their one biggest goal, might be considered to have a successful life.

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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