The Propaganda of Happiness

The Modern Survival Guide #55

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The Reality of Happiness

Put simply, I don’t think we should be happy all the time.

But is There a Better Way?

Look, it’s still important to look for happiness in the world. Life would suck if we never had a moment of happiness! But at the same time, we have to accept that happiness isn’t just one thing, that different things that inspire happiness are sometimes mutually exclusive (or even contradictory), and that we aren’t going to be happy all the time. It’s important to accept that happiness is a sensation, not a life choice.

It’s OK to be Fine

To sum up let me just say, look, I’ve had a lot of days in my life, and on most of them I’ve spent most of the time “fine.” Not sad. Not happy. Not jumping for joy. Not pummeled by depression. Nor yet beset by any other big emotion. Just… fine. Doing my job, eating food, folding laundry, going through the steps that we all take to get from one end of the day to the next. That’s not to say I was an emotionless blob; I just wasn’t manic. I was fine.

Searching for truth in a world focused on belief.

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